est. 1998

DJ DX- Fence - Lean

Robert Van-Liew, also known by the stage name DJ DX, is a turntablist, lyricist, singer-songwriter and producer from New Jersey.  Originally from Jersey City, Van-Liew began DJ'ing under the name DJ Double X. In 1998 he changed his name to DJ DX on local and regional blend mix tapes. In 2007 he caught national attention with the releases of "Hood Reggae ton" becoming the first African American to remix and produce Latin music without having a Spanish background. Before becoming a full fledged song-writer in 2011 he released follow up hit mix tapes with Ciara "Pretty Girl Swag", Kingpen Volume 2 and 3, Lost and Found, Forever Alive and "Queen Nicki" featuring Nicki Minaj. 

To date since 2011 DJ DX and fellow turntablist, producer DJ Madden has released three official studio albums entitled "This Is Hip-Hop, The Unfortunate Child, Made From Scratch and tons of official single releases that are available international and worldwide. 


Photographer: Fernando Redondo

Musician: Robert "DJ DXVan-Liew

Location: The Mana Contemporary

Published by DJ DX